6 Life-Changing iPhone Camera Accessories

How can you turn your iPhone camera into the perfect tool for exploring your own hidden talents? The answer is simple: accessories!  In this tutorial, you’ll discover six iPhone camera accessories that will change the way you think about and take iPhone photos.  What’s more, they may change the way you see the world around you!

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How can an iPhone camera accessory change your life? With the right tools, you’ll start to see objects you’ve never noticed, explore locations you never thought about, and photograph people, places, animals, and plants in brand new ways. Along the way, you may discover talents and abilities you never knew you had.

1. Discover A Whole New World To Photograph With The Macro Lens

Remember your first glimpse of the world through a strong magnifying lens? Suddenly onion skin was fascinating, grains of salt were amazing, and ordinary feathers were beyond beautiful.


A macro lens is essentially a strong magnifying glass you can snap onto your iPhone. Once you see the world through a macro lens, there’s no going back.

You’ll discover and photograph the incredible world of insects. You’ll marvel at their colors, their fragility, and their strength. You’ll get up close and personal with bees, and get to know the habits of the caterpillar.

You’ll find yourself exploring the detailed intricacies of water, ice, and plants.


You’ll even start looking closer at your own face and the faces of friends and pets. What does an eyeball really look like? How cool are your own fingertips?

Macro lenses vary in strength; some of the stronger lenses provide you with a 15X zoom, though less expensive versions are weaker (6-10X zoom). The better the lens, of course, the better the image — though cost is likely to become a factor.

Some top manufacturers of iPhone macro lenses include Moment, Olloclip, and Exo Lens.iphone-camera-accessories29

2. Learn To Love Serenity With The Tripod

How long can you hold your camera perfectly still? The answer to that question determines whether or not you can capture slow shutter images such as night photos, moving water, and more.

Unless you have a tripod.


A tripod is a simple device that’s been around for at least a century.  While there are may different types of iPhone tripods, all of them have the same basic purpose. They hold your camera still so you don’t have to.

With a tripod, you don’t need to rush through your iPhone photography. You can stand still with the shutter open for seconds at a time.

You can capture the tranquility of moving water as it flows through a river, breaks on the beach, or pours from a height.


You can explore the serenity of the night.


You can take photos you’ve never imagined taking!


There are an amazing array of tripods available for iPhone photographers. While their purpose is simple, they have a surprising number of different features.

Gorillapod, for example, can be attached to almost anything for amazing versatility. Lollipod can be extended to allow you to take photos above the heads of people in a crowd.

Take your time selecting the right tripod for you – and remember that the most expensive tripod may not be the best for your particular needs.

3. Go Beneath The Waves With Underwater iPhone Camera Accessories

Imagine being able to photograph the underwater world with your iPhone!  You’d see everything from a whole new perspective, and explore an entirely different set of plants, animals, angles and landscapes.

All this is possible with a waterproof iPhone casing – and there are now several good products on the market. The Watershot Pro, pictured below, is just one of your options.iphone-camera-accessories25

How will an underwater casing change your life? Suddenly, you’ll see every underwater location as a potentially beautiful iPhone photography subject. Swimmers at the bottom of the pool… waving underwater sea grass… coral reefs… now, they’re all part of your photographic universe!


And it gets even better. Because you don’t have to actually plunge into the water to use an underwater housing. You can, for example, set your phone within inches of the water without worrying about the impact of a splash on your beloved camera.


You can even capture a wave as it rolls toward the shore.


Once you get started with water-related photography, the possibilities are nearly endless.

4. Get Into The Wilderness With A Hardened iPhone Case

iPhones are fragile. Most of us have suffered the loss of an iPhone as a result of a broken screen, a trip through the laundry, or a slip of the hand above a puddle. As a result, most of us tend to avoid using iPhones in potentially hazardous situations.


Hardened iPhone cases like the ProShot and Otter Box, however, mean that it’s now possible to take your iPhone pretty much anywhere. Whether you’re headed out into a rainstorm or sailing around the world, you can continue to take iPhone photos of the experience.

How does this change things?

Imagine taking your iPhone skydiving… photographing a hurricane… or taking photos of wet, muddy dogs as they shake.  With the right case, all this is possible.


Hardened cases are available at quite a few price points. You’ll want to check into your options to determine which one is best for you.

5. Discover New Possibilities With Remote Shutter Release

What if you could take iPhone photos up close and personal – from far away – with a remote shutter release?

You could take incredible street photos without causing anyone embarrassment or discomfort.


You could take outstanding candid photos.


You could even take photos from perspectives you’d never be able to achieve without becoming a gymnast!


The cheapest and easiest available remote shutter release is simply the switch on your apple earbuds. While this won’t allow you to take photos from a significant distance, it will allow you take discrete street and candid photos.


There are also a number of bluetooth products that range in price, quality, and features. The Muku Shuttr Release, shown below, is just one option. Some allow you to take photos from as far away as 30 meters!


6. Explore The World With A Battery Charger

One frustrating reality of an iPhone camera is its battery. No matter how advanced your phone, if you use it extensively it will need charging within a day or two.

Unless you have a battery charger that can recharge your iPhone no matter where you are!

There are a slew of battery chargers on the market. Some are slim and light, others are rugged and tough. Some cost under $10, others over $60. Some can recharge your iPhone just once, while others can recharge your iPhone up to six times.

A battery charger can truly change your life. That’s because, with this iPhone camera accessory in your pocket, you can get out into the backwoods and still have access to your camera.

Ordinary iPhone Photo Subjects 62

Imagine hiking a portion of the Appalachians, iPhone camera in hand, documenting the entire experience.  Going off the grid for a few days on a photo expedition. Or just taking the kids on a camping trip – and sharing the memories.


With a battery charger, like the Anker series or the Jackery model pictured below, you can make it all happen!iphone-camera-accessories61


A tripod, macro lens, underwater housing, hardened case, remote shutter, and battery charger will actually change your life. In fact, just one or two of these relatively inexpensive iPhone camera accessories can change your perspective on the world around you. With a new perspective, your photographic skill and risk-taking will increase. Are these accessories worth the money? Buy just one and find out!

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